About Jen

Hmmm…where to start…

Jen Carney was born in…blah, blah, blah…

Tell you what, let’s start with a game of…

Two Truths and a Lie!

Which of these statements do you think is untrue

ANSWER: If she’s allowed to count a biscuit she was awarded by her mum when she was seven for penning this beauty, the only lie is the children one. She has three, not four (and they’re wonderful most of the time).

Here’s a joke for anyone who got the correct answer…

Why did the biscuit cry?
Answer: His mum had been ‘a wafer’ too long.

Jen Carney was born in a Lancashire a gazillion years ago.

She loves writing (obvs), doodling, walking and playing games.

Her favourite colour is green and, like Billie, she loves dismantling biscuits.

A big believer in the power of funny books, Jen wrote the B.U.G. series to make people laugh while reflecting families headed up by same sex parents like her own.